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Irish rock band The Script with front man Danny O’Donoghue leading the way entered the Sheffield Arena through the crowd to get to the stage in a procession weve become accustomed to with championship boxers, and they didnt fail to deliver with a knock out performance.They opened the night with PAINT THE TOWN GREEN from their latest album . Danny is not a performer that likes to stay up on stage looking down at his adoring fans, frequently making trips into the pit to join the front row making sure that they also had a piece of the limelight as the video cameras followed him projecting the crowd onto the backdrop as the band played.


Mark Sheehan worked tirelessly on lead guitar keeping up with the enigmatic front man , and during highlight song of the night for me showed great endeavour and emotion whilst playing along to IF YOU COULD SEE ME NOW , a song performed in recognition to the loss of Dannys father and both of Marks parents .


With Glenn power using his surname as it suggests , rocking the front of stage left ( nice to see a drummer not sat at the back of a stage for a change ) keeping everyone in time The SCRIPT made light work of a strong setlist of 15 tracks with a further 4 as an encore. Another nice little suprise during the night was to see Danny appear after a short break in the middle of the crowd filming his new arrival on a go pro video camera as he mingled with the fans.


To be honest ive never really been a massive fan of THE SCRIPT , yes ive tapped my foot along to the tunes as and when ive heard them on the radio but after seeing how much effort they put into making their show part of their fans night out too , i was very impressed and left the Arena with changed feelings.



Paint the Town Green

Hail Rain or Sunshine


The End Where I Begin

Before the Worst


If You Could See Me Now

Man on a Wire


Good Ol’ Days

Never Seen Anything “Quite Like You”

The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

You Won’t Feel a Thing

Transition to Main Stage

Six Degrees of Separation

It’s Not Right for You


The Energy Never Dies

For the First Time

No Good in Goodbye

Hall of Fame

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